The End Time Truth Vol 2

The TruLight Radio XM – End Time Articles.
EBook nr.2:
By Pastor Dirk Flemix
Chapter 1. Wake Up Child!!!! And Navigate the Mine Field.
Chapter 2. Sequins of events from today, leading to the Great White Throne Judgment.
Chapter 3. 10 Signs That Jesus is Coming Soon.
Chapter 4. 2 Trumpets left.
Chapter 5. A Lie of Lucifer that caused the End time Church to break up.
Chapter 6. Golan Heights Israel & the 6th Trumpet War.
Chapter 7. Hail with Fire Raining Down from Heaven SOON.
Chapter 8. Lead by the Holy Spirit to Safety and Angel Protection soon!
Chapter 9. Left Behind?
Chapter 10. Pre Tribulation against Post Tribulation (Rapture).
Chapter 11. Sun Exploding before Jesus arrives = No left behind scenario!
Chapter 12. The Fuel for lift-off too the Rapture.
Chapter 13. The Role of the Holy Spirit in the End Times!
Chapter 14. The sun, the moon, the stars, a great earthquake and the waves roaring.
Chapter 15. The Wrath of God, The last 6 Months on Earth.
Chapter 16. Q&A The Mark of the Beast.
Chapter 17. The 7th Seal & 7th Vale & 7th Trumpet Describes the Same Event